Microsoft Azure

  • Subscription: We are partnering with Microsoft to bring you huge discounts on your monthly consumption
  • Azure Migration 

Your workload in safe, let’s help you on migrating it to Microsoft Azure 

The traditional way for businesses to protect and make data available throughout the organization was to deploy an on-premise server. However, cloud computing is bringing about rapid changes.

You can migrate data to Microsoft Azure and manage it securely with high-availability servers and at a low cost.

  • No need for big rooms to host your servers with big electricity bills.
  • No need for a big team to manage and maintain your servers.
  • Azure  Backup 

In today’s economy, downtime and data loss cost money, so are you confident in your current services?

If you would like to implement a backup solution that is suitable for your business needs, our team can assess your current environment and provide a detailed report.

Building a business continuity strategy and protecting your business requires backups.

With our expertise in Azure, Our team implements and manages the best tools to protect your data.

Enrolling in a cloud backup service constitutes a proactive measure against data loss risks. Safeguarding data through backups is imperative for multiple reasons. Microsoft Azure exemplifies this approach by securely storing cloud backups, mitigating the possibility of data corruption.

Cloud backups essentially duplicate data onto a remote cloud platform, offering geographical dispersion beyond the grasp of potential cyber threats. Consequently, this ensures a dependable backup solution should on-site servers encounter downtime.

Azure Disaster Recovery

Continuity of your business is insured with Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery (DR) is a robust solution offered by Microsoft Azure to safeguard businesses against potential disruptions caused by unforeseen disasters. Leveraging Azure’s cloud infrastructure, Azure DR enables organizations to replicate and protect their critical workloads, applications, and data in Azure data centers. By utilizing Azure DR, businesses can establish comprehensive disaster recovery plans tailored to their specific needs. This includes defining recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) to ensure minimal data loss and swift recovery times in the event of a disaster.