Blockchain Developer

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: UAE

Our software company is on the lookout for a legendary Senior Blockchain Developer who believes that they have both the soft and technical skills needed to lead our Blockchain technology expansion and guide it to success. In concrete terms, you will be our full-time Blockchain developer, responsible for overseeing all software engineering endeavors related to our Blockchain applications. As our in-house senior software developer for Blockchain, your expertise and skills will be vital in our ability to steer one of our company’s prime goals to success. Since your role is crucial to our business’ ability to meet our goals, we are poised to provide you with the support you need. 


  • Liaise directly with managers to identify and prioritize Blockchain technology needs of the company
  • Participate in periodic meetings with stakeholders to ensure coherence between the digital product design and its subsequent blockchain application.
  • Build and implement application interfaces and features in accordance with Blockchain needs using the corresponding programming languages.
  • Leverage the latest cryptography techniques to bolster up cybersecurity of Blockchain systems.
  • Guarantee quality assurance on the preparation of data structures done by team members by following Blockchain protocols.
  • Participate in the optimization of Blockchain software developments through recommending and implementing new software tools and technology.
  • Troubleshoot Blockchain software difficulties and find viable solutions.
  • Write top-quality multithreaded Blockchain code.
  • Work directly with open source technologies to facilitate Blockchain software development.
  • Strategize, plan, and distribute workflow regarding the project development and its distribution.
  • Be current with the latest Blockchain trends and tendencies in the market.
  • Oversee the coding, development, and all other work done by the junior developers on the team.
  • Document blockchain software creation processes and ensure software security compliance.
  • Research best practices to be adopted for Blockchain development.

Technical Skills Required:

  • At least seven (7) years of experience working as a full stack developer, Blockchain engineer, or Java developer.
  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience developing Blockchain technologies.
  • Advanced proficiency in programming languages including Python, Javascript, Java, C++, Golang (Go).
  • Familiar with Ethereum blockchain and other cutting-edge cryptocurrency platforms.
  • Ample experience working in back-end development, data structures, and algorithms.
  • Extensive experience in blockchain management, web development, and data protection.
  • Solid understanding of coding algorithms and devops.
  • Has worked on bitcoin-related Blockchain projects.
  • Peer-to-Peer networks.
  • Has worked with Hyperledger Fabric, distributed ledger technology, SQL, Node.js
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineer, or a related field.

Soft Skills Required:

  • Superb analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fantastic problem-solving skills
  • Willing to work in teams
  • Understand startup culture
  • Exhibits leadership qualities
  • Understands how to prioritize and handle stress
  • Knows how to motivate team members
  • Has experience solving internal conflict within group members

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