September, 2023

Precision Partner and Keto Software at Gartner AIBS Summit 2023

Ali Junaid, CEO Precision Partner, is here with our partners from Keto Software: COO Markus Halonen and Business Development Director Tea Repo.

Precision Partner is a leading provider of comprehensive project management services. With a team of experienced project managers and a commitment to excellence, Precision Partner helps organizations streamline their operations, maximize productivity, and achieve project success. Their tailored approach, deep expertise, and holistic solutions make them a trusted partner for businesses across industries.


Keto means “Meadow” in Finnish. Hundreds of different types of flowers and plants grow on the Keto. When you gather them together in a bouquet, you make something beautiful. Keto Software is a Finnish strategic portfolio management solution that works on a similar principle. It is a meadow for sustainability, innovation & development, from all your ideas to your projects and to the end results – like collecting flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.



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